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  • EOD and INTRADAY data
  • Vietnam stocks data
  • Futures data and CW Vietnam
  • International commodities and stocks data



What is VietstockUpdater ?

VietstockUpdater is an application that provides EOD and INTRADAY data for many famous technical analysis software such as MetaStock, AmiBroker, Advanced GET, ELWAVE... To improve data quality, VietstockUpdater version 3.6 is expected to be a valuable tool for professional technical analysts.

Full of stock data types: INTRADAY Ticker (the lowest time frame is tick), INTRADAY 5-minute (the lowest time frame is 5 minutes), EOD (end-of-day).

Full of financial market data and extensive data: Stocks, exchange traded funds (ETFs), futures contracts, covered warrants, market indices, industry indices, market capital indices, market strength indices.

Diverse domestic and international markets: In addition to the Vietnam market data, there is also EOD data for international stock indices, gold, foreign exchange and international commodities.

Automatic update: The data is automatically updated according to the user's optional list (up to 50 stocks) with high stability and processing speed.


 Service fee (VAT included): 



699,000 VND

(6 months)

1,299,000 VND

(6 months)

1,199,000 VND

(12 months)

2,299,000 VND

(12 months) 


  • 1 account is used on 2 computers.
  • Full set (VietstockUpdater, Metastock, AmiBroker, Elliott Wave software & User Manual): Free trial for 14-day trial: DOWNLOAD HERE
  • This is an irrevocable service, we do not refund when the Customer notices to stop or cancel the service plans. Therefore, Customers should carefully read the service descriptions, refer to the user manual (in the download section above), and can experience it first through the 14-day trial.


VietstockUpdater includes the following data types:

EOD (End of Day): is end-of-day data, usually updated after that day's trading session ends. However, Vietstock's EOD data can be updated automatically in real-time for stocks in the predefined list (investors can choose a portfolio contains up to 50 stocks). The lowest time frame that EOD data allows to view is Daily. Users can only view from daily time frame and higher - Daily, Weekly, Monthly,… but can not view lower time frames such as Hourly, Minute

With the characteristics of our EOD data, this type of data will be suitable for those who do not need to see intra-session price movements of securities.
INTRADAY Ticker: is real-time ticker data, updated every minute for the stocks in the predefined list. The lowest time frame is Tick. For INTRADAY Ticker data, investors can easily track fluctuations on time frames such as Hourly, Minute...

This data is suitable for traders. With Intraday data, they will have a more specific view of price movements during the trading session to decide when to enter or exit the market during the session, something that EOD data can not represent.
  INTRADAY 5-minute: is the data in the session which the lowest time frame is 5 minutes, updated at the end of day. This is new data for the purpose of backtesting the past so that users can check the effectiveness of indicators and trading systems, with full coverage of all markets from stocks, exchange traded funds (ETFs), futures contracts, covered warrants and industry indices of Vietnam market.

Data has duration of 3-5 years. This is long enough for backtesting purposes.

1 Stocks and Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) in Vietnam
  • All stocks and ETF on HOSE
  • All stocks and ETF on HNX
  • All stocks and ETF on UPCoM
2 Vietnam stock indices
  • Market Index: VN-Index, VN30-Index, HNX-Index, HNX30-Index, UPCoM-Index
  • Market Capital Index: VS 100, VS-Large Cap, VS-Mid Cap, VS-Small Cap, VS-Micro Cap
  • Sector Index: VS-Banking, VS-Wholesales, VS-Insurance, VS-Real Estate, VS-Securities, VS-ICT, VS-Retail, VS-Healthcare, VS-Mining&Oil, VS-Agri, VS-Machinery, VS-Household, VS-Rubber Prod, VS-Plastics, VS-     Food&Drink, VS-Seafood, VS-ConMaterial, VS-Utilities, VS-Logistics, VS-Construct, VS-Accommodate, VS-Ancillary Production, VS-E Equipment, VS-PST Service, VS-Other Financial
  • Market strength index: VS-Arms, VS-Thrust, VS-A/D, VS-ADL, VS-U/D, VS-LBR, VS-NVI, VS-PVI…
3 Futures contracts
  • Futures contracts: VN30F1M, VN30F2M
  • Contracts: 1M, 2M, 1Q, 2Q
4 Covered Warrant / CW
  • All CWs are trading and delisted (were be expired)
5 International stock markets (only EOD)
  • USA: Dow Jones, Nasdaq, S&P 500
  • EU: FTSE 100, DAX 30, CAC 40
  • Asia: Nikkei 225 Index, Hang Seng Index, Straits Times Index, Shanghai Composite Index
6 Gold, Forex Exchange and International Commodities (only EOD)
  • Gold: Gold price (USD/Ounce, VND/Tael)
  • Commodites: Crude oil, gas, coffee, copper

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Transfer payments:

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  • Bank: Vietcombank - Tan Dinh branch – Ho Chi Minh city
  • Account number: 007 100 3121 465
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Cash payment:

  • Vietstock’s Headquarter (8 A.M - 12 A.M, 1 P.M - 5 P.M)
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