What is IROnline?
Many investors, both domestic and foreign individuals and organizations, use corporate websites as their main source of information. Website becomes the first communication address between the investment community and businesses, and is the face of businesses on the digital platform. This is why businesses always need to pay attention to the investor relations (IR - Investor Relations) section on their website. Content expertise and clear messaging are important to any listed business - Let a quality IR website send a subtle signal to investors about the value of your business.

IROnline is the solution to build and operate a quality and professional online information channel for investor relations (IR)/shareholder relations activities of listed companies implemented by Vietstock.

IROnline does not stop at  solutions to help listed enterprises meet the requirement to have a category on shareholder relations, investor relations (IR - Investor Relations) on corporate websites, but also aims to build a channel. Quality online IR, professional and methodical. Our mission is to bridge the gap between businesses and investors.

IROnline makes it easy for your business to expand its proactive reach to the domestic and foreign investment community. The website's module system is  comprehensive, satisfying and highly appreciated from shareholders and potential shareholders. In addition, you do not have to  worry  about anything about the digital transformation process for IR operations, which is inherently resource- and time-consuming, because Vietstock already provides the optimal solution and package deployment.

IROnline: Investor relations website

  Consulting solutions to make websites suitable to the characteristics of enterprises
  Implement a package of investor relations webiste

  Handing over products completed after 7 working days

  Built-in updated and historical data
  Operating website in the future

How will your IR site look like?
IROnline is an investor relations website integrated on corporate websites with two versions in Vietnamese and English, with a user-friendly interface, cross-platform compatibility (computer and phone), design by corporate brand identity.

The website includes 9 functional modules to meet strategic investor relations activities. Website content is updated with full content from the first days of listing and updated daily.

  • Website colors according to brand identity
  • Website design responsive standards
  • Structure scientific and optimized website, user-friendly
  • Features with 9 modules geared towards strategic IR operations
  • Built-in content, information  complete and accurate
  • Bi-language: Vietnamese and English

Function modules:

  • Overview: The latest update of the company and stocks
  • Stock statistics: Reatlime stock trading, trading results history
  • Insider transactions: Transactions of internal and related
  • Financial information: Complete financial statements and set of financial metrics over time
  • Companies profile: Material business and governance information
  • News - Events: Latest corporate news, announcements, financial events/stock events
  • Shareholders documents: Full of original documents such as financial statements, annual reports, prospectus...
  • Technical analysis: Stock technical analysis chart with built-in data, full professional features
  • Stocks comparision: Industry comparison filter, showing results in the form of tables or charts, with built-in industry data

Operating  website:

  • Operation and handling of technical problems: Vietstock
  • Care and develop comprehensive content: Vietstock


About Vietstock
Vietstock is a pioneer and reputable organization in providing financial information and data, established in 2001. We have more than 20 years of experience in data collection, processing, integration and visualization. digital. Large database system at full scale economy - every business angle, data reliability up to 98%. Vietstock's financial data solutions are based on a combination of digital content and technology; including flexible financial data information, online investment analysis tools and software solutions with built-in financial data; Serving the diverse needs of customers from organizations to individuals. Include


  • DataFeed: On-demand integrated financial data via API, Sync Data
  • VietstockXLS: Excel export financial data on demand, suitable for research - academic - statistics
  • VietstockFinance: Website to retrieve financial data, investment analysis tools and securities lookup


  • VietstockUpdater: An application that provides data for technical analysis software
  • VietstockFinance: Website to retrieve financial data, investment analysis tools and securities lookup


  • IROnline: Solution for building and operating IR/investor relations website for listed companies
  • InvestOnline: A solution to build and operate a financial website / comprehensive stock lookup
  • WebsiteBuilder: Consulting and designing financial website programming on demand

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