What is InvestOnline?

Vietstock provides solutions to build and operate a securities analysis and lookup website in accordance with the characteristics of a securities company called InvestOnline. The website is pre-integrated with past content, updated 24/7 when in operation.

 InvestOnline is a service provided by a team of people who understand the capital market, are well-versed in technology in the financial sector and a team of leading securities content developers. Up to now, Vietstock has had nearly 20 years of experience in the field of financial communication, financial information and digital data - securities, applying technology to the financial sector.


  • A comprehensive stock analysis and lookup website, from macro, industry, capital market to derivatives market.
  • Inheriting the advantages of famous financial websites in the world, modern interface, cross-platform compatibility and multi-language.
  • Includes 14 large modules to meet diverse securities analysis and research activities from the investor community.
  • Pre-integrated information, technical operation management and content when in operation.


  • Website color according to the brand identity of the securities company.
  • Responsive design, easy to use on computers and phones.
  • Scientific and optimized website structure, convenient.
  • Comprehensive features, including 14 strategy modules.
  • Built-in content, including historical data, updated 24/7.
  • Bi - languages Vietnamese and English.

Functional modules:

1. Macroeconomics: Macro overview, GDP, CPI, FDI, interest rates…

2. Industry index: Market index by economic sectors

3. Market overview: Overview of the stock market and trading overview of 3 exchanges HOSE, HNX, UPCoM, market charts and Top stocks...

4. Stock transaction statistics: Statistics on order placement, order matching and transactions by foreign investors; stocks affecting VN-Idnex, Top stocks of all kinds…

5. Stock events: Listing events, delisting, warnings, dividends, issuance, AGM...

6. Internal transactions: Trading shares of internal shareholders and related persons, major shareholders, treasury shares

7. Income Statement: Quickly update the latest business results of the whole market such as profit after tax, accumulated profit after tax, EPS, PE...

8. News: Daily general news by categories such as securities, companies, real estate, commodities, finance, macro, world...

9. Corporate A-Z: Large database with more than 3,000 companiess. Including a list of companies by many types of industry classification, stock exchange, type of company, new listing, delisting, etc. Each enterprise is a sub-website with modules on shares, internal transactions. , finance, corporate profile, news - events, shareholder documents, technical analysis, industry stock comparison.

10. Technical analysis tools: Full market online technical analysis charts, realtime data, multiple options and technical indicators.

11. Fundamental analysis tools: Filter and compare custom stocks by fundamental indicators.

12. Shareholder documents: Full text, financial statements, explanations of business results, management reports, annual reports, resolutions of the General Meeting of Shareholders...

13. Futures market:

  • Futures Market: Trading overview of the whole market, news, list of contracts, Futures brokerage market share
  • Futures market transaction history: Detailed transaction statistics for each contract, each trading session
  • Separate information page for each contract
  • General knowledge and regulations on the futures market

14. Covered Warrants (CW) Market:

  • CW Market: Market overview chart, list of CWs, profit statistics and market news
  • CW market transaction history: Statistics of order matching and placing orders, transactions of foreign investors
  • Separate information page for each CW code
  • BlackScholes: BlackScholes and Backtesting method of warrant pricing

15. RRG price strength chart: is a chart that helps investors recognize the movement of money in the market. The chart is formed by two axes, Price Strength (VS-RS) and Growth Momentum (VS-Mom). These indexes are calculated by Vietstock based on trading data of stocks, industry indexes and market indexes.


About Vietstock

Vietstock is a pioneer and reputable organization in providing financial information and data, established in 2001. We have more than 20 years of experience in data collection, processing, integration and visualization. digital. Large database system at full scale economy - every business angle, data reliability up to 98%. Vietstock's financial data solutions are based on a combination of digital content and technology; including flexible financial data information, online investment analysis tools and software solutions with built-in financial data; Serving the diverse needs of customers from organizations to individuals. Include:


  • DataFeed: On-demand integrated financial data via API, Sync Data
  • VietstockXLS: Excel export financial data on demand, suitable for research - academic - statistics
  • VietstockFinance: Website to retrieve financial data, investment analysis tools and securities lookup


  • VietstockUpdater: An application that provides data for technical analysis software
  • VietstockFinance: Website to retrieve financial data, investment analysis tools and securities lookup


  • IROnline: Solution for building and operating IR/investor relations website for listed companies
  • InvestOnline: A solution to build and operate a financial website / comprehensive stock lookup
  • WebsiteBuilder: Consulting and designing financial website programming on demand

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